2011 Final Update

“Huskies Bite Bulldogs”

UConn withers less vs. Butler

Record Charity Money Raised!

        The game was a snoozer.  Anticlimactic.  UConn 53, Butler 41.  Most exciting thing was to see who would come in 94th place.  Oh my.  Butler shoots 18% for the game.  UConn too tall  and smothering.  But you know the story.  Nevertheless a great post season for both teams and one of the most exciting tournaments in many years.  VCU challenged and made it exciting.  All number one and two seeds fell, and in the end, the much aligned Big East was somewhat redeemed and came out on top!

Congratulations to Roger Kinsey, our 2011 March Madness Champion.

Runner up was Mike Pyfferoen.  No longer lost in the mail.  

Last place gift was pocketed by Ron Eaton, taking 4% of the prize pool.  

Bridesmaid this year (11th place and out of the money) was Corey Greening.

The Official Total paid pool entrees is 420. Same as last year, and a record number. Your prize winnings will be based on this number.  80% of the entry fees goes to the prize pool, in the breakdown as listed in the opening letter at the start of the tournament.  See the website.  We pay out the top ten and last place.  Additional $ 100 was split for the ties for 94th place.  20% of the original fees go to the charities in addition to the benevolent donations of those kind individuals listed above.


Charity News

I would like to thank our top donors this year for their very generous additional contributions to the March Madness tournament:

Lance & Stacy Payton    Gary Gurtcheff    Susanna Burkhead    Maria Del Rio

Tom Franks                     Brad Fulkerson    Phil Gilson                 Tom Lilly

Mike Cleary                     Colleen Martin      Max Gibson               Dan Jones

Keith Miller                      Eric Throop          Steve Carter               Jack Cleary

Tom Lilly                          Dale Todd            Keith Bratton              Bruce Baker    

Thanks also to the following additional participants for their charitable donations:

Terry Alvey        Steve Anderson    Don Apple        John Anoskey    Shauleen Barker    Don Barry        Dan Baumann    Keith Bersch    Dan Bishop        Ron Bonger    Joel Bowers    Mike Blake        Brandon Boots    Joel Bower        Randy Braun    Jillian Brinkley    Dan Brown        Les Bumm        David Carlson    Laureen Cates    Bill Cleary        Chris Combs    Mike Davenport    Lois Davidson    Diana Danheiser    Vince Daniels    MariEllen Dentino    Tim Eisenhut    Bryant Elkins    Scott Elliott    Steve Elliott    Kevin Elpers    Karen Embry    Susanne Emge    Travis Farhar    Kristin Forest    Rick Friedman    Steve Gabel    Sam Garau        Chris Gilkey    Brian Goffinet    Patty Gowdy    Bob Graper        Ken Graves        Cory Greening    Jim Hall        ToddHerrenbruck    Terry Iafrate    Rhonda Jenkins    Jason Jones    Paul Kainrath    Dorothy Kaiser    Kevin Kalb        Jody Kissel        John Lamb        Jacob Lesandrini    Michael Lightner    Dave Machisko    Bev Marshall    Zach Martin    Alyssa Maynard    Diana McDaniel    Judy McDonald    Bryan McFarland    Keith Mercer    Greg Meyer        John Miles        Eric Miller        John Miles        Irene Morgan    Jim Norris        Gary North        Skip Oliver        Chuck Oswald    Jimmy Pearson    Paul Perry        Donna Preziotti    Vince Prop        Michael PyfferoenLarry Renschler    Steve Ripperger    Kathy Rohlfing    Tom Rose        Jim Sandgren    Brian Schymik    Kevin Shinar    Mert Shipman    Jeff Smith        Joe C. Smith    Fred Stutz        Susan Sublett    Brian Tullar        Mark Vickers    Lee Wagmeister    Eric Wandel        Steve Ward        Steve Warren    Rob Wathen    Tom Weber        Matt Weitz        Derek Wellman    Pat Wempe        Rick Wepsic    Ross Whitacre    John Willis        Greg Willming    Jim Wilsbacher    Adam Wood    Rick Zeiher    

128 participants contributed extra donations to the charities this year., above their entry request.  This is an all time number of additional donors!  Thank you.

                ...... $ 1680 was garnished from the entry fees to devote to our charitable endeavors. $ 6720 goes to the prize pool.  Thanks to your outstanding generosity... $ 5820  has been received in additional donations.

For March Madness 2010......  Our GRAND TOTAL of CHARITABLE GIVING is:   


.................. $ 7500 to be donated this year.  Another record!  Thank you all for participating.

 $ 5500 will be granted to the March Madness Endowment Fund administered through the Warrick County Community Foundation.  

$ 2000 will go to House of Bread and Peace.  

    We have now completed our fifteenth year of March Madness.  We have now collectively raised $56,500  in total giving.   Should you so desire sometime this year, drop us a line or perhaps consider our funds for your future gifting.  I would like to emphasize the latter.  It is important we build our fund, which is permanent.  For better, for life!  We actually granted out a small amount last year to the Ecumenical Soup Kitchen of St. Clement, our first grant from the endowment!

        Special thanks goes to Gary Gurtcheff, our fabulous webmaster

    Please keep us advised of any email changes.  Email your comments and parting remarks...



Winners’ checks will be sent out by mail within the next couple of weeks.  Charity proceeds will also be forwarded this month.


                 Congratulations to our top ten finishers.

                    THE FINAL TALLY 

                2010 Top Ten                         Winnings

1st place            Roger Kinsey                     $ 2688 00

                    (Evansville, IN)

2nd place            Mike Pyfferoen                     $ 1344 00

                    (Newburgh, IN)

3rd place            Shannon Glassco                  $ 672 00 

                    (Evansville, IN)

4th place            Maureen Martin                 $ 470 40 

                    (Brookline, MA)

5th place            Eric Trice                          $ 336 00 

                    (Evansville, IN)

6th place            Steve Carter                      $ 268 80

                    (Olathe, KS)

7th place            Dorothy Kaiser                       $ 201 60 

                    (Newburgh, IN)

8th place            Ray Kixmiler                       $ 201 60

                    (Newburgh, IN)

9th place            Michael Lightner                   $ 134 40 

                    (Evansville, IN)

10th place        Phil Coudret                      $ 134 40 

                    (Newburgh, IN)            

LAST PLACE        Ron Eaton                     $ 268 80

                    (Newburgh, IN)

94th place (6 tied)    see the website                 $ 20 each

                                            420 Paid Entrees

                 “Nothing spectacular comes without a good challenge”


© Gary M. Gurtcheff 2013