2011 Update II

March 30, 2011

Virginia Commonwealth Advances!

Butler is back to the Final 4!

Kentucky, UConn survive.


    The Rams of VCU ousted the Jayhawks in stunning fashion, lighting up the three point line as a cold shooting Kansas team which coasted against cupcakes and thought to be invisible as the only remaining number one seed saw its season come to a crashing end.  A debacle.  No run ended here as the Rams (did you even know their name before today?) have become a major player in this story.  Does a story book ending near?  Joey Rodriguez led the way and Shaka Smart (who?) is the new marquee coach to be named later, will now face the Butler Bulldogs in the semifinals in Houston.

    Brad Stephens to Tennessee?  Somewhere for certain. Or maybe the Horizon League is the place to be. The new Gonzaga of the Midwest!  Stephens is 10-3 in NCAA play, and they lost to Youngstown State this year.  It was a thriller to say the least as Butler ousted the Gators (sorry Hoops Queen) in overtime Saturday to advance to the semis.  Funny thing is, they are favored!  Say that a year ago as a last second shot clanked off the rim in precarious fashion allowing the Blue Devils to win it all.  Is fate now on Butler’s side?

    Connecticut is now the Madness favorite to win it all  Nine wins in nineteen days, and can they bring back the swagger for the Big East by winning it all?  Redemption is on their side.  Arizona had an unlikely run, losing in this game by two, with the outcome in doubt in the final seconds.  The Huskies will now face Kentucky who held off North Carolina in the last game of the weekend.  Says a lot losing five players to the NBA and now in contention to win it all merely a year later.  An 11 vs an 8 seed.  A 3 seed vs a 4 seed.  How can it get any better than this?  And the pool winner could just yet be the one who chose VCU to win it all with tongue in cheek!  The stage is set.  Houston, we have a problem.  No one knows what on earth (no, somewhere else) is going to happen.

YOUR Final Four looks like this...


Virginia Commonwealth vs. Butler

Connecticut vs. Kentucky

Charity Update

    91 people to date have contributed extra cash to our March Madness Endowment Fund and The House of Bread and Peace. That number is expected to rise.   We are still getting checks in to benefit our charitable works, and remember, it’s not too late to send in some extra coin if you think this pool is something you truly enjoy. In the next update letter, we will further thank all of you have have graciously contributed additional funds, but as the accounting is still a work in progress, hold on, but remember we definitely know who you are, and thank you for going the extra distance.  Don’t forget to review our Charity History on the intro page.  $ 50,000 to date has been raised by this charitypool!

    Special thanks to date to the following individuals for their 3 figure giving and annual generosity to our endeavor...

    Lance and Stacy Payton     Mike Cleary 

    Susanna Burkhead         Eric Throop 

    Phil Gilson                Dale Todd 

    Steve Carter            Keith Bratton 

    Brad Fulkerson             Bruce Baker 

    Jack Cleary                Sam Garau 

    Keith Miller 

March Madness Recap

    The accounting is in progress.  We are at the precipice to claim an all time high in official tournament numbers.  This however is up to the field, specifically the several of you whom I have not heard from.  Don’t let us down.  I check that post office box everyday this time of year.  Send me your letters.  Don’t delay.  Next week it’s over and I don’t want to eliminate you.  The reaper awaits.  Don’t be banished. 

      Congratulations to all of you still in contention for some of the loot come tournament end.  Check the “what if” scenarios on the drop down menu on the standings page to fascinate yourselves as to who wins depending on final four finishing scenarios.


Current Leader Board after Round 4

1st    Eric Trice (Oh Brutha, you looked good today.  But alas the end is near.)

2nd    Kevin Wagner (Pistol whips the field again with two in the top ten)

3rd    Bryan McFarland (Big Daddy, why did you NOT pick Butler to win next week?)

4th    Chris Wilkins (Hipsta needs Big Briar Blue to win next game.)

5th     Mike Cleary (Connecticut keeps you in the money oh Kansas brother)

6th    Jack Cleary (Not bad for choosing to come in LAST place!!)

7th    Kevin Wagner (2009 March Madness Champion is a repeat offender)

8th    Michael Pyferroen(The postman will deliver if the Bulldogs survive)

9th    Larry Renschler (Hapless brother you did well.  Enjoy your last glory)

10th     Roger Kinsey (Huskey fan.  Odds on favorite to win it all!)

             Excitement Awaits...

                History to be made in Houston

                        ... JP

© Gary M. Gurtcheff 2013