2012 Update I

March Madness 2012

Update I

March 19, 2012

O H......I O !!!!

Good luck on St. Patrickʼs day delighted the underdog fans as unheralded Norfolk

State eliminated the Missouri Tigers, dashing the hopes of many of those who have

followed the intricacies of the tournament, studying to no avail. Many a bracket was lost, as

again the Big Twelve (or whatever it is called and whomever is left in it) lays an egg again.

At least the mighty Jayhawks show that some class remains by bombing Detroit and

coming back against a gamely Purdue Boiilermaker team in the second round. K State

gone, Texas as well. Of course, one of the greatest upsets in the recent era, was seem as

well in the first round as the once mighty, and always weaseling,Duke, goes down to

Lehigh. Who could have wished for more? Sorry Duke lovers, not to be this year. Why

do we just love it so much when the Devils go down to defeat? Now if only the other big

team in Blue can falter, this will be one tournament to remember! Oooh sorry, forgot that

37% of you picked Kentucky to win it all. Wonʼt help much though in the standings, so donʼt

cry if the Wildcats win it all, you picked ʻem, and you arenʼt even on the front page of the

leader board!

The story so far however and perhaps never to be repeated in our lifetime is that

four, yes four teams from the Buckeye state have made it to the Sweet Sixteen. First time

in NCAA history that is. Given up for dead after the Queen City Brawl in December, the

Cincinnati Bearcats have reclaimed their rightful spot amongst the nationʼs elite, as they

easily toppled Texas, then gutted out a last minute victory against Florida State. Oh how

wrong the TV stooge analysts were in claiming the Seminoles as a Final Four participant.

Brawling Xavier, beshackled in December, additionally has risen again, avoiding Duke, and

playing off Lehigh to reach the 16. Chance could UC and X meet again? Only if they are

the final two standing. Naturally the Buckeyes from THE Ohio State University will have

something to say about that, as they await Cincinnati in a south and central Ohio shootout.

Bring back the glory days of the early 60ʼs, Itʼs been 51 years since. The Big O had

graduated but the likes of Bob Wiesenhahn, Fred Dierking, Tom Thacker, and Tony Yates

dispatched the #1 team in the nation, the mighty Buckeyes led by some guy named Jerry

Lucas. An overtime thriller and the rest was history. The Cats did it again in 62, ranked this

time #2 against the #1 Buckeyes. Will history repeat itself this weekend? Itʼs March

Madness, anything can happen. “Believe, believe, believe”. Say it ainʼt so, but donʼt tell

those upstarts from Athens, Ohio (population 23,000 of which 22,000 go to school there).

Known for its Princeton review rating as the nationʼs #1 party school, tranquil setting in the

Hocking river valley, and college home of Mike Schmidt and Bo Pelini, the Bobcats finally

do have a real reason to party. Ever been there? “Hey dude, whatʼs that smell?” If you

donʼt get it...... go ask Alice, I think sheʼll know.

Cincinnati, Xavier, Ohio State, and Ohio. Holy Tecumseh. All still alive. Throw in

Louisville, Kentucky, and Indiana, and you have 7 of the 16 teams within about a hundred

miles of the epicenter.

Canʼt stop now, gotta give a great congratulations to the Hoosiers, back at last, free

at last! An impressive comeback from the depths of despair, Kelvin Sampson, and the

rest. Not since the greatness of one Bobby Knight have the Hoosiers looked so

promising. Another great matchup we wonʼt want to miss, as Indiana takes on Kentucky in

the next round. It just doesnʼt get any better...unless of course Big Blue goes down!!

Baylor (poolmasterʼs pick), NC State, UNC, Michigan State, Marquette, Kansas, and

Florida round it out. Oh yes, and then there is Syracuse. Wouldnʼt that be something, to

see them reach the Final Four. Thanks for all the headaches yʼall. “Oh No, they lost their

best player, hey Doc, hey Gurtch, is it too late to change my picks?” May you all regret that

decision, he-he.

Players in the News

Some lady on Race Street in downtown Cincinnati leads our pool. Not sure

what sheʼs doing there or how she plans to get out, but the bus station is not too far away.

Identify yourself. Your name is in lights!. Runner up after round 2 in the books is our Big

Blue Sparty, or is it Big Blues Party? Not sure if you be rooting for Michigan State or

Calipariʼs clan from Lexington. 2009 Madness Champion, Kevin Wagner lurks in third place.

Cardio cutter, the Wagmeister leads last place, but wait, I think he was actually

trying to win the thing. More stately, if your last place entry leads the pool, then the other

way around. Not over yet, but really it is. The guy in 406th place not likely to be beat.

Congratulations to Luke Swain, down home in Shelbyville, KY who held the top

spot after the first furlong, but fallen to 7th place. No awards this year for that (Hey, letʼs

give prize money to each round leader. Ummm, no, maybe next year1)

Second Round Leaders

1st Melissa Wideman (Identify yourself. Everyone wants to know who u are!)

2nd Tom Rose (Your thorn will be Florida State.

3rd Kevin Wagner (Still in DC fighting crime, politicians, and illegal gambling)

4th Greg Meyer (Papaw, not papaw, who is Allen Huebner. Crazy old guys!)

5th Keith Bratton (Upset City is fiction!)

6th Kim Casaburo (Cashman hides behind the better half. Show me the $$)

7th Luke Swain (Studying Law in Lexington between beers and UK victories)

8th Dave Machisko (The bone has his name in lights!)

9th Devin Oliver (Louie, Louie, oh take a look at me now. Go Cards!)

10th J P Morgan (Poolmaster in the house. This is not a test)

Charity Update

Please review the charity information on the index page. Look at our history! Yes,

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Pool and Statistical Information

Unofficially, we have about 400 entries give or take. The majority of those entering

are March Madness veterans and long time supporters. As always we welcome the

newcomers. I will say it again...I know of no better basketball pool out there, and a better

website chalk full of information, statistics, and fun things to see. Again, special thanks go to

Gary Gurtcheff, without whose technical savvy and web mastery would this all be possible.

Itʼs still 2 am, but oh how much easier it is. As always, your comments are welcome and

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Good luck in the tournament and again thank you for participating.

“It is not so much that we fear change or so in love with the old

ways, but it’s that place in between that we fear, like being between

trapezes, or Linus with his blanket in the dryer, in that there is

nothing to hold on to. There is a time to experience the new and the

time is now. Follow the path that leads from the heart, guided by the

soul, and held steady by the mind.”

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