2014 Final Update


“Ollie, Ollie In Come Free” 

Youthful coach guides Huskies to championshipWildcats “K.O..ed” 

UConn 60    Kentucky 54 

Monday night, April 7th, the Connecticut Huskies removed all doubt. Needing overtime to just get by their first round game against St. Joes, the boys out east lived the fighter’s creed of their never doubting coach, KO, Kevin Ollie, Monday night to take the #7 seed over the maturing Wildcats of Kentucky. Shabazz Napier named the tournament MVP and as scripted, fabulous guard play wins tournaments. Napier and his back court mate, Ryan Boatright, combined for 36 points in the game. Free throws were the key with Connecticut 10 of 10, and Kentucky a paltry 13 of 24. Although there were some tight moments, the Huskies never trailed. And to top it off, on Tuesday night, the lady Huskies defeated Notre Dame to capture the NCAA womens championship. Impressive. 

Congratulations to our 2014 March Madness Champion 

***Michael O.Connor*** 

Team O.Connor blew away the field with a combined 588 cumulative points, more than 25% over our second place finisher. Of course, as it is stated below, he was the only one to choose Connecticut in thefinal four and beyond, correctly choosing the Huskies as Champions. Michael is a newcomer to the March Madness tournament, friend of Chris Jesop, and a contractor for Fences Unlimited. Call 812-455-4854 for your free estimate!. Can’t say I know much more than you do at this point, but we welcome Mike to this elite group, and hope he won’t be a one and done, like those freshmen phenoms from the Bluegrass State. Hope you had time to read all about it Mike! Let’s get it on! Prophetic smack!! 

Runner up is Les Bumm, the generous one. Less we not forget, a die hard Kentucky fan always takes their team, right Rowdy Gowdy?, but it must have been a total bummer for Les to watch the agonizing 40 minutes. Always next year however, with a fresh crop of freshman! Show me the money! But going with the heart was the wiser choice. 

Third place to Craig Carter, another rookie in the field. Loyal member of the big blue network. Florida was his downfall had Kentucky won. Nevertheless, hands down, a great performance. Welcome Craig to the March Madness community. Now what is it again that you do? Just a little MM humor. Don’t know the Irishman above well enough to razz, but shur and begorrah what a show. 

Fourth place and top female contestant, the ever inspiring and MOST generous Susanna Burkhead. Thank you again for your MOST kind donation!!! 

Fifth place to John Anoskey, one of our MM originals. Best final four bracket with 3 of the finalists. 

Sixth place to Dee Sanders. Take that Bengal Dave. I hope Dee did not have to endure watching the final game with you! 

Seventh place to John Lamb, stung by Florida, but wasn’t enough. Good to have the rec however. 

Eight place to Lebra Winiger. Glad we talked you into entering!. Also a Kentucky fan to the end, but I did not know you were such the prognosticator. 

Ninth place to Greg Meyer. Picks did the talking and an electric performance until the bitter end. 

Tenth place goes to Susan Sublett. Simply shocking. I think Susan does know the basketball is round, and usually orange. But for those of you who don’t know Susan, she is the face of the Warrick County Community Foundation and thanks to Susan’s efforts many years ago, we were able to start our March Madness Endowment Fund. Thanks for all your efforts for our community Susan! 

Bridesmaid (eleventh place): Phil Gilson. Front runner til the Big Ten collapse. It was a lock. 

Goat AwardCorey Greening. Yep, worst bracket in the field of 400 plus. 404th place trying to win and not trying to lose. Actually I am glad you won. Your arrears will be deducted. You are now in the clear, and back in good standing. Contact administration for any questions. 

114th place (Championship game score 60-54=114 points=114th place. A tie. Michael Cleary and Steph Cooper split the hundred bucks 

Last place: Your webmaster, Gary Gurtcheff 

Semifinals recap

April 5th, 2014 

UConn 63 

Florida 53 

They say a #7 seed has never been in the championship game. I say what’s in a number? Who legitimized the #7 seed anyway? A bunch of grey bearded soccer AD’s? UConn has tremendous talent, discipline, and a history of winning championships. Would people have been surprised had Connecticut say been a #3 or #4 seed? Anyway, the smart bet was on the Huskies, just as Michael O’Connor who vaulted from 209th place in our pool a few games ago, to the threshold of being crowned March Madness Champion, and a position of infamy. It’s almost comical, NOBODY took UConn to make it to the final four let alone win. Back to the game, Shabazz and his band of razamatazz continue to impress. Many would say Florida was the best team in the land this year, but not a chance when 2 of your 3 losses came at the hands of one team who denied you the championship game and placed themselves there instead. Scott Wilbekin of the Gators, the supposed next coming of Michael Jordan, was held to 4 points and frankly looked hapless, hapless, hapless. 

Kentucky 74

Wisconsin 73 

Now THIS was a game! In standard fare for the tournament, Aaron Harrison knocks down another game winning three point shot, this time from Fiesta, Texas! What was it a 30 footer with one foot nearly on the sideline? Absolutely incredible. And then on a great look from Traevon Jackson for the Badgers, the buzzer beating last effort bank shot was just a touch too much as the ball bounced off the front of the rim instead of through the nylon. What was to be was not to be. Wisconsin was right there, giving Kentucky a game few expected. A tournament record 19 of 20 from the free throw line and some fine 3-point shooting kept Kentucky on the ropes throughout. Kentucky’s brute force and street ball to the rim was nothing shy of frightening. For Wisconsin, ironic that only one free throw was missed, but that my friends was the first of three which would have put the Badgers up by three in the waning seconds of the game. Oh well, hard to say either team deserved this one more. 

Administrative News 

The Official Total paid pool entrees is 420. Your committee does their best to ensure integrity to the prize pool and covers several unpaid, or yet to be paid entries at this the time of final accounting, with additional personal donations to the charities to more than compensate. Curses to the slackers. Prize winnings will be based on this number. 80% of the entry fees goes to the prize pool, in the breakdown as listed in the opening letter at the start of the tournament. See the website for original details. WWW.GARYGURTCHEFF.COM We pay out the top ten and last place in addition this year to the GOAT and the place of finish of the totalscore of the championship game. 

Charity News 

20% of the original fees go to the charities in addition to the benevolent donations. This year we had a record 142 generous participants giving additional money to the charities!! Were you one of them??? Never to late to donate my friends! We would like to again, and again, thank the following top dollar donors this year for their very generous additional contributions to the March Madness tournament: Always look forward to opening these envelopes!! 

Susanna Burkhead 

Gary Gurtcheff

Lance & Stacy Payton

Mark Erickson 

Jack Cleary            Tom Waits          Phil Gilson 

Travis Farhar          Mike Cleary        Les Bumm 

Dan Brown             Rae Higdon        Jim Heinrich 

Joe Smith               Patty Gowdy       Ron Hall 

Sammy Garau        Steve Carter       Colleen Martin 

Dale Todd               Patty Dewey       Mike Cleary 

Susan Gabel          Brian Schymik   Greg Willming 

Keith Bratton         Eric Miller           Jim Wilsbacher 

Further sizable donations were received from the following individuals: 

Jim Heinrich          Chris Combs      Karen Rush 

Alan Newman        Rick Zeiher         Randy Braun 

Julia Leaf               Pat Wempe         Kenny Graves

Steve Warren 

And the following: 

Joel Bowers           Keith Emge        Judy McDonald 

Amy Berkley          Steve Warren      Don Apple 

S Joe Smith           James Smith       Scott Elliott 

Paul Perry              Lynn Sanders     David Carlson 

Jim Hall                  Gene Burnett      Danny Winn 

Amber Anslinger   Dee Sanders       Mike Head 

Ross Whitacre       Kevin Kalb          Rob Wathen 

Ann Morgan           Lebra Winiger     Tim Appell 

Nick Beckort          Steve Gilliam       Bob Graper 

Chris McConnell    Dave Machisko 

And thanks to all the rest of those listed below for your additional contributions: 

Todd Herrenbruck      Susan Sublett      Pat Wempe 

Danny Winn                Larry Renschler   Steve Ward 

Mike Pyfferoen           Bill Papineau        Dave Massengale

Ron Tucker                 Chad Crislip          Skip Oliver

Greg Meyer                 Lee Wagmeister    Ashley Cissna 

John Lamb                  Steve Anderson    Wayne Hoskins 

John Willis                  Steve Mank            Brian Goffinet 

Michael Lightner        Melissa Wideman   Diane Krug 

Terry Roudenbush     Dan Baumann         Tom Weber

Chad Sander               Bill Papineau          John Miles 

Paul Kainrath              Wayne Hentrup      Joe C. Smith 

Brad Smith                  Matt Kern                Lee Cissna 

Jeff Smith                    Chris Tilley             Ashley Cissna 

Keith Emge                  Ron Eaton              Bruce Fowler 

Vince Prop                   Lois Davidson        Tom Weber 

Keith Miller                  Greg McComis        Bev Marshall 

Donnar Preziotti         John Willis               Don Barry

Ken Marshall               Kevin Kalb               Rae Higdon 

Jeff Rhymer                 Kristen Mitchell       Kevin Wetzler 

Ervin Aeschliman        Rick Wepsic

Wilma Herrenbruck     Brian Wellman         Terry Iafrate 

Drew Bender                Brandon Iafrate       Ty Weber 

Jim Pearson                 Chris Maynard         Steve Elliott 

Lisa Seitz                      Tom Rose                 Doug Petitt 

Diane Paschall             Chris Lowe               Oscar McGee 

...... $1680 was garnished from the entry fees to devote to our charitableendeavors. $6720 goes to the prize pool, plus another $100 for the Goat and $100 for the place of the total score of the championship game, compliments of your poolmaster. Thanks to your outstanding generosity, and some help from your administrators.................... $6520 has been received in additional donations. 

For March Madness 2014...... Our GRAND TOTAL of CHARITABLE GIVING is: 

............... $8200 to be donated this year. Yet another record!!!! 

Thank you all for participating.

 $5200 will be granted to the March Madness Endowment Fund administered through the Warrick County Community Foundation.

$1500 will go to Patchwork Central of Evansville 

$1000 will go to the Covenant House in St. Louis as a one time additional donation. 

$500 as a last minute decision, has been forwarded to Kuddles for Kids, administered by local GirlScout Troop 54. “We as a troop want to bring kuddles and comfort to children in the hospital, bringing a smile to brighten their day.” GSA Troop 54 is working on their Silver Award. They plan to make 500 fleece blankets this coming year for children at St. Mary’s hospital in Evansville and Riley Hospital in Indianapolis. Check out their website at kuddlesforkids.weebly.com Their efforts are to be commended and go along with the philosophy of the March Madness Endowment Fund, benefitting children and youth services in the Tri-State area.

We have now completed our eighteenth year of March Madness. Over the years, we have now generated over $80,000 in total giving. Should you so desire sometime this year, drop us a line or perhaps consider our funds for your future gifting. I would like to emphasize the latter. For better, for life! We have made three small grants in the past few years from investments. The endowed fund will always be there. The principal stays. The monies granted come from the investments administered through the Warrick County Community Foundation and the surrounding nine county alliance. Please keep us advised of any email changes. Email your comments and parting remarks... 


Winners. checks will be sent out by mail within the next couple of weeks. Charity proceeds will also be forwarded within the next few weeks. Be advised that your individual charity directed checks havenot yet been cashed to date.


Congratulations to our Winners


2014 Top Ten Winnings 

1st place            Michael O’Connor (Evansville, IN)        $2688 

2nd place           Les Bumm (Owensboro, KY)                $1344 

3rd place            Craig Carter (Newburgh, IN)                 $672 

4th place            Susanna Burkhead (Gross Pointe, MI) $470 

5th place            John Anoskey (Evansville, IN)              $336 

6th place            Dee Sanders (Louisville, KY)                $269 

7th place            John Lamb (Evansville, IN)                   $202 

8th place             Lebra Winiger (Mt Vernon, IN)             $202 

9th place             Greg Meyer (Haubstadt, IN)                $134 

10th place           Susan Sublett (Boonville, IN)               $134 

LAST PLACE     Gary Gurtcheff (Newburgh, IN)             $269 

Bridesmaid         Phil Gilson (Evansville, IN)            No Money 

Goat Award        Corey Greening (Newburgh, IN)          $100 

114th place         Mike Cleary (Wichita, KS)                    $50 

(tie)                     Steph Cooper (Carmel, IN)                  $50 

420 Paid Entrees 

“Be daring, be different, be impractical. Be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary.”

--Cecil Beato

© Gary M. Gurtcheff 2013