2013 Pool Update II

March Madness 2013

March Madness Update II

March 31, 2013

Syracuse vs. Michigan

Louisville vs. Wichita State

Happy Easter to all!! With but four teams remaining, itʼs still wide open in the

March Madness top ten and overall champion honors. A wild tournament ride as but one #1

seed remains. The quarterfinals were hardly close as each winner jumped out to a huge

lead. Only The Ohio State University made it somewhat close near the end, but sad for

Buckeye nation, as just another disappointment for what looked like an easy road to the

finals. The Scarlet looked gray as they followed Indianaʼs lead in not showing up for the

game. Only Michigan holds the possible key to a Big Ten national championship. Easter

blessings came early for Syracuse and Wichita State. And the Easter bunny was also

kind to Louisville as Duke laid a big blue egg. Tears fall for Blue Devil nation as the

weasel must wait til 2014 for another run at the Wizard of Westwood. Wow! We have two

#4 seeds and an unlikely #9 in the final run.

Syracuse 55

Marquette 39

An NCAA record low scoring total by Marquette since the institution of the shot

clock in 1986. 23% from the floor doomed the Golden Eagles (werenʼt they the

Warriors??) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Syracuse says goodbye to the Big East in a big

way. Smothering defense, averaging 6.5 blocked shots in the tournament, and 11 steals

through the 4 games. After dispatching the Indiana Hoosiers (local groans), the politically

correct Orange (werenʼt they the Orangemen??) didnʼt miss a beat as this one wasnʼt

close. Capital punishment was liberal, as even Obama was in the crowd. Hey, but what

more important things are there to do in Washington, DC, these days?

Wichita State 70

Ohio State 66

The Shockers this time were true to their name, baking Buckeyes in the California

sun. Ohio State missed their first 7 shots, and looked the part of the nervous underdog,

failing to take advantage of what made them dominant this year. Like Indiana, no shots fell

and the hole they dug became too deep. Down 20 points in the second half, a furious

comeback to within 3 with two minutes to go just wasnʼt to be. Wichita State proves to

be the best team in Kansas this tournament, as favored Kansas and Kansas State fell out

before the elite eight . Having already upset Gonzaga, Wichita State is on the fast track and

brings back memories of Larry Bird and Indiana State. First Missouri Valley conference

appearance in the final four since 1979. Seriously, are you kidding me? Answer this.

Which team beat Wichita State twice this year? The Purple Aces of Evansville. Here,

here. Cheers to the home town team! Hey, we beat that team twice this year. Just

another reason you just never know come tournament time.

Michigan 79

Florida 79

Not since the Fab Five in 1993 has Michigan put on some kind of run.

Congratulations to the team we from Columbus love to hate. But like a brother you couldnʼt

stand, deep down, you want them to show the world. Three freshman starters return the

Wolverines to the final four. Not the team most would have expected to be the Big Tenʼs

sole representative. But hey, the were at one point #1 in the nation this year. A four seed

seems a bit low. Case closed. Baby frosh, Nick Strauskas goes 6 for 6 from the 3-point

line and they never looked back. Gators donʼt know what bit their tails, having ended the

Cinderella run of the Gulf Coast Dunk City Soaring Eagles. Could this be fate?

Everyone knows the Big Ten was the dominant conference this year (Big East fans are

laughing now), but it took a Jordan-esque performance by Trey Burke in dispatching the

Kansas Jayhawks in an incredible comeback to get this chance.

Louisville 85

Duke 63

The Cardinals prove worthy of the #1 overall seed looking dominant. Of the top 12

seeded teams in the tournament, only Louisville remains. Yum Yum, come get you some.

Children and the weak of heart had to close their eyes in the first half of this one, and not

because of the score. Joe Theismann, Tim Krumrie, and Sam Bowie know what itʼs like and

it wasnʼt pretty. Kevin Ware in an attempt to block a shot came down awkwardly and

snapped his tibia in open fashion. A ten minute delay and tears falling all around, “Just win,

just win”, was enough in the second half as Louisville outscored Duke by 19 in the final 20

minutes and dedicated the game to their fallen comrade. All I know, is if I know, I know that

he is at Methodist Hospital as we speak in surgery, perhaps by one of my mentors, who is

implanting a rod in his leg, from below his knee to above his ankle, and he will be back

before you might think. Letʼʼs pray that is true, as what a tragedy. Kevin played his high

school ball in Georgia, and he will rally his troops in Atlanta come next weekend. Duke

Coach, Mike Kryzewgjezooski with 11 final four appearances, fails to match John Wooden

from UCLA in an NCAA record 12th. My Cash Man is on the ʻVille. Hey Pisano? Where

do you live? What city? No faith in the home town team? Do we really need the

Shockers over Michigan to become the first husband and wife team to win two March

Madness crowns, and benefit the charities?

Charity Update

Our March Madness Endowment Fund, Friends of Warrick CASA, and The

Dream Center of Evansville are our beneficiaries this year. I would like to thank all of you

to date who have donated extra money to help the cause. We will recognize those of you

who have donated extra but each year the money keeps coming in, so yʼall with have to

wait and there is still time to get on the list. Please consider an extra donation if you havenʼt

already done so. Make us want to keep the tournament going. Please make additional

checks payable to one of the charities, or to me for that matter and I will forward the donation

if its easier. And for those of you for whom I have yet to receive your entry donation (you

know whom you are), donʼt be a slacker, and for your delay, itʼs only fitting to donate a bit

extra. If so, weʼll keep you on the email list! Return to the welcome page on the top of the

garygurtcheff.com website for more details on the charities and where to forward your check.

Tournament Recap

The numbers still are unofficial, but we are looking at a definite record and the possibilities of

450 entrees give or take. Accounting central is a bit behind but like in years gone by your

checks will be noted, emails sent if needed, and your checks cashed in due time. Next

year, if there is a next year (up to you), we hope to streamline the process.

Brian Pyfferroen leads the field. Oh my, he was a lock. Now we arenʼt so sure. Early

prognostic genius, but 7 of 8 leads to 2 of 4. Sugamama is runner up so far.

Long distance award for tournament entry goes to Jack Cleary who was on a

Caribbean/ South American cruise ship when he placed his entries. Funny, he entered a

few times, each time in a different port of call. Rostan in my blood is currently in 13th

place. Good luck Jack and all your Kansas friends in your mini pool. I think however

Wildcat Brad may wear the crown this year amongst the KC crowd. Whatʼs that get?

Free Royals tickets? But hey, at least the Chiefs will be better this year? I mean, even

Alex Smith is in our pool, currently in 5th place

What if scenarios are posted. Apologies for web server problems this year. Best of luck

in the weekend to come. The race is still wide open. But has Travis Farhar won last

place?? Stay tuned!

Current Leader board after Round 4

(the following is my favorite part of what we do, you know?)

1st Brian Pyfferoen

(Takes a foot long divot on Florida. Caddies donʼt take Sundays off!)

2nd Sherri Daniels

(Enjoy it now Sugamama. Shocking you didnʼt go one more game)

3rd John Miles

(Hannah Banana did better than you. Allowance increase?)

4th Chris Casaburo

(I hear ties from Italy are really special. Cell phones work. Friends donʼt let

friends, oh forget it)

5th Alex Smith

(Sherwood J adds another “Smith” to the list. Oh Smitty where for art thou?)

6th Eric Miller

(You are way too shy. Caution should be thrown to the wind. Optimism is

for those whoʼve never arenʼt used to second place every time)

Bill Vukovich

(Friends in this life. Money the next!)

8th Chris Lowe

(WildCat Brad says go away newbie Kansas man. Carry on)

9th John Anoskey

(Welcome back Kotter. Never forget those things that bring you true joy)

Grace Shymanski

(Die by the devil in you. So sad to see you go.)

Last Travis Farhar

(2010 repeat?)

“You may never know what you truly had until it is gone.

Appreciate the ones who care the most about you and show it every day.”

The nets will burn in Atlanta!!!!

© Gary M. Gurtcheff 2013