2018 Final Update


March Madness Update III

  April 4, 2018

        “Philadelphia celebrates again” 

A great tournament has come to an end.  We started with the #16 seed UMBC defeating the overall top #1 seed Virginia Cavaliers. We ended in the final four with #11 seed Loyola of Chicago making the semifinal weekend with divine intervention and a 98 year old chaplain, Sister Jean.  What a tumultuous and exciting tournament it was.  Multiple upsets and as usual the greatest tournament in sports did not disappoint.  In the final game in the Alamodome, it was high energy from the get go, but in the first half shots did not fall, despite both teams leaving it all out on the court.  Michigan led early, yet in the latter part of the first half, Villanova began to heat it up and take a 4 point lead at the under 4 minute break. Michigan goes stone cold in the end of the first half and the Wildcats confidently go to the locker room with a 37-28 lead. Dante’s Inferno, Donte Divincenzo scores 18 at the half. Two minutes into the second half, Villanova builds their lead to 14. Charles Barkley talks to turtle rats (armadillos).  And then, it was ALL Villanova.  6th man Donte Divincenzo completely controlled the game. 31 points and a dominant final score in this championship game, and named most outstanding player.  

Villanova 79 Michigan 62.  Never in American history has an NCAA mens basketball team won the FINAL FOUR from the same city as the Super Bowl champion in the same year.  

“Philly Philly, Villy Villy, Dilly Dilly”.  Drink Bud Light!

Congratulations to our 2018 March Madness Champion………….


Hailing out of Kansas City, Ryan is a chemical engineer and graduate of Kansas University.  The man went to work in the oil patch, straight out of school. Takes care of the environment and apparently is a music man.  His compliance managers are millennials throughout the country.  Straight laced and super intelligent.  No doubt in my mind this gem researched all teams and all odds.  He even went against his alma mater by choosing Villanova over the Kansas Jayhawks to fit his calculations. Top prize is coming your way! 

Final Four Semifinal Results

Michigan 69

Loyola Chicago 57 

Moe Wagner was dominant.  15 rebounds and 24 points. Only Larry Bird and Hakeem Olajuwon put up those numbers over 30 years ago.  John Beilein has something going again.  Not even ranked early in the year, Michigan finds itself in the championship game.  14 straight wins.  In a second half blitzkrieg, the Wolverines erased a serious first half double digit deficit, and ended the dream season of Sister Jean and the Ramblers. 19 point advantage in the final 20 minutes erased the 7 point halftime deficit, and allowed Michigan to cruise.  What a great season, not to be forgotten in many a year, for the Midnight Ramblers.   

Villanova 95 

Kansas 79

Kansas never really had a chance.  Villanova dropped aerial bomb after aerial bomb from the get go.  Records and the state of Kansas fell.  Proving once again why they are the most dominant and balanced team, the #1 Wildcats took out the #1 Jayhawks in the nightcap in San Antonio.  22-4 from the start and never looking back, by the time the game ended, Nova had dropped 18 three point baskets, a final four record, 66 in the tournament, and the most all season in history.  The Wildcats were led by junior Eric Paschall (TheGreatOne) who made 10 of 11 from the field and had 24 points.  But balance was the key and carpet bombing from the land of three.  Rollie Massimino won the title in 1985 and passed away six months ago.  Nova won two years ago as well.  

Tournament Recap 

497 entrees this year, but that includes the slackers which we are covering at least for now, plus an extra 3 to ease the accounting and make it an even 500 (again) for your prize winnings!!  That was a record last year, and we will call it the same in 2018!!  Have you forgot to pay?  Have you forgot to send in your entry fees?  If so, please remit at once by mail or VENMO.com/jpmorganmd  All in all, 20 (twenty states) represented in the Madness this year.  From Florida to Washington, from Rhode Island to California, and from Michigan to Texas, we criss cross the country all from our little epicenter in southern Indiana.  

Charity Information

Special thanks to all the March Madness participants who have donated $ 7500 additional dollars to charity.  See list below!  Thanks also for more Fairy Godparents, donating directly to Ark Crisis Child Care Center: Susanna Burkhead, Lance Payton, Rick Wepsic, and Phil Gilson

128 individuals have sent in extra money and thanks to everyone involved, we have raised a grand total of $ 10,500  this year to distribute to the following organizations and our endowment fund, in the amounts listed.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


Lampion Center: $2000

Ark Crisis Child Care Center: $2000

Pals Animal Rescue: $1500

March Madness Endowment Fund: $5000

Cheers to our additional donors.  My apologies if anyone is left off the list that belongs:

Gary Bellew  Karen Bosler Les Bumm Susanna Burkhead

David Carlson  Jack Cleary  Mike Cleary  Jon Coleman

Chris Casaburo  Patty Dewey  Scott Elliott  Mark Erickson

Travis Farhar  Brad Fulkerson  Steve Gabel  Sam Garau

Phil Gilson  Gary Gurtcheff Mike Head  Kevin Kalb

Patrick Kelley  Eric Miller  Christy Mills  Kelly Morgan

Alan Newman  Lance Payton  Stacy Payton Paul Perry

Skip Seaman  Tom Slade  Joe Smith  Tony Stephens

Dale Todd  Tom Waits  Rob Wathen  Rick Wepsic

Ross Whitacre

Greg Willming 

Erv Aeschliman Amber Anslinger Don Apple Mike Arco Jeremy Baker

Donald Barry Tom Berkley Tom Berkley Sr  Dan Bishop     Billy Blake

Brandon Boots  Mike Brown Gary Bush Bill Cleary

Roger Colman Tim Dant Lois Davidson Aaron DeLoof  Gary Delk

Jeannine Dostal Steve Elliott  Travis Genet Nathan Gilkey

Steve Gilliam Todd Glass Brian Goffinet Corey Greening 

Jim Hall John Heinrich Wayne Hentrup Jeff Huelson

Chris Jesop Steve Jones Paul Kainrath Clint Keown Dave Kolley

John Lamb Todd Lang Julie Leaf Tima Leonard

Jamie Logel Michael Lightner Ken Marshall Dave Machismo

Steve Mank Colleen Martin Fred McCool Dee Massengale

Jim McDaniel Chris McConnell Judy McDonald Greg Meyer

John Miles Keith Miller Payton Mills Lynne Morgan Michael Morgan Ryan Morgan Brian Norris Gary North Skip Oliver

Michael O’Connor Bill Papineau Donna Preziotti Vince Prop Tom Rose

Michael Pyfferoen Larry Renschler Karen RushJake Schiff Chad Schnarr

Kevin Shinar Keith Shipman Jonathan Smith Joe Smith Fred Stutz Amie Torla Ron Tucker Lee Wagmeister Steve Ward Tom Weber Thank you! Weber Pat Wempi Teri Wetzler Melissa Wideman

John Willis Lebra Winiger Danny Winn Josh Woodring

Brett Worthington

  Final Standings and March Madness Winners 2018

1st-Ryan Doyle     Shawnee, KS     $3000

2nd-  Alan Newman     Newburgh, IN     $1500

3rd-  Chad Crislip     Carmel, IN     $750

4th-  Aaron Howlett     Newburgh, IN     $525

5th-  Stacy Payton     Evansville, IN     $375

6th-  Gerald Smith     Pawtucket, RI     $300

7th-  John Lamb     Evansville, IN     $225

8th-  Greg Meyer     Haubstadt, IN     $225

9th-  Todd Murphy     Palm Beach, FL     $150

10th- Terry Iafrate     Evansville, IN     $150

Goat-  Jimmy Gabel     Dayton, OH     $100

141st Place-  Steve Ward, Zach Rose, Lana McConnell, Julie Leaf, Seve Mank, Clint Keown (6 way tie)     $17 a piece 

Last Place-Chris Casaburo     Louisville, KY     $300

  Work your whole life to prove you matter

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