2015 Welcome Letter



As the snow and ice finally melt away and winter at last recedes, once again spring is on the horizon. And with it, the most exciting three weeks of college sports, the NCAA men's basketball tournament! March Madness is here! March Madness is here! March Madness is here!

(The yankees are coming, the yankees are coming. Run quickly. Hide your wife, hide your kids.)

Welcome back friends, family, prognosticators, financiers and at the least, contributors! Thanks to the good fortune of life and opportunity, the grace of the Almighty, and the fact that America is still the land of the free, we are back, secure in our pledge to bring to you the best charity pool we can deliver. Now in our 19th year, (wow!), our numbers grow, our charitable giving expands, and our principal remains in the fund with interest, allowing us to contribute through grant money to future worthwhile organizations, in addition to named charities each year which receive funding thanks to your generosity. We have given money to 25 different organizations over the years and over $80,000 has been taken in for that purpose and to seed and grow our endowment fund (see the March Madness Charity list). We will add to that total this year.

Our March Madness Endowment Fund was established in 2008. It is professionally run through the Warrick County Community Foundation and the nine county, Community Foundation Alliance. At the end of 2008, the total money in your fund was $4097. Currently, the fund has blossomed to a well established endeavor with assets totaling near $47,000! We have made a couple of small grants over these years with the interest money allotted by alliance rules, and this year I am happy to say we will be granting $1500 to a worthwhile small organization, Pillow Pals, providing hand sewn pillowcases to children having surgery in our community. This money (unlike Kuddle for Kids last year which received direct funds from the tournament money collected) will be formally granted by the March Madness Endowment Fund. Eventually, this is what itʼs all about. Money that grows is money that is given out.

Although your nominal contribution for all this fun is again a requested $20 (no change over many years), over 75% of all our charity money raised comes from your additional contributions. Year after year, individuals contribute from five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, a hundred, and for some of you, several hundred dollars in additional funding. This of course continues to be the reason for our being. If you
havenʼt before, consider this, and drop some extra cash with your entry donation! And for the majority of you who have before, please do so again! Help us out. These charities benefit and our fund grows all because of you, and you are as much a part of it as anyone.

Another exciting tournament awaits! Can Kentucky win it all, and remain undefeated? Matching the Indiana Hoosiers 40 years ago (boy, those were the good old days!) Or will an underdog take the title? Can Gonzaga finally make it to the final four? Will the mighty Big Ten dominate? Will the SEC go down like they did in football? (hehe) By the way, donʼt ever forget...

THE Ohio State University...THE first undisputed national champion in NCAA history. It it walks like a duck, it might be a sheep. And Roll Over Tide! Quarterbacks for hire in Columbus. Come one, come all. Rumor has it, the Buckeyes 4th (fourth) string quarterback is a Heisman candidate before spring practice has even started!

Enter the pool. See your name in lights. Tell your family and friends. Spread the word. Multiple entries are encouraged!

There are NO format changes to this yearʼs pool, once again. NCAA basketball tournament selections and seedings will come out Sunday evening, March 15th. Entry into the tournament closes with the tip off of the first round games beginning Thursday morning, March 19th. For each entry, fill out the form all the way through to the finals, selecting the winner of each game. Donʼt worry about the play-in games. They donʼt count to the standings. See the rules sheet. Read it please. There are a couple of minor changes in the prize money allocations. We additionally have an added bonus this year. Please read carefully and take this to heart:

Anyone who writes a check for at least $50 will obtain a free week long pass to the United Leasing Championship web.com golf tournament April 27-May 3, 2015 at Victoria National Golf Club.

These week long tickets, good for one individual once per day (7 days including practice rounds) are valued at $35 each. All money received will go back to the charity selected (ours of course is the March Madness Endowment Fund) if you were to buy your ticket online. I encourage you to do that as well at ULCGOLF.com (see info next paragraph) So basically, I am asking you consider a donation of $50 or more ($ 20 for the tournament fee, and an additional $30). We will get the ticket price money back and a percent of ticket sales additionally for the March Madness Endowment Fund. For every increment of $35 above the $50, you will receive another week long pass. I will get them to you!! Please open your hearts, contribute to our pool, and enjoy some great golf at Victoria National this spring!

The PGA TOUR prides itself on giving back to the communities in which its events are held. And the United Leasing Championship is proud to be a part of this charitable tradition. Qualifying charities in our community will have the opportunity to raise money through the Old National Bank Golf Gives Back program.

Hereʼs how it works: Qualifying charities will help promote online ticket sales to the United Leasing Championship. As part of the transaction, purchasers will choose a charity to receive the net proceeds of their ticket purchase. After the tournament, the designated funds will be distributed to the participating charities. What could be easier?!

In addition, participating charities have the chance to share in additional dollars donated by Old National Bank, the tournamentʼs sponsor of Golf Gives Back. The Golf Gives Back program is an incredible opportunity for nonprofit organizations to raise money with no risk or investment.

Each entry donation is $20 (twenty dollars). $5 (five dollars) of every fee will be donated to charity. Minor $1 change from last year. Again,we encourage you to make an additional contribution, (as the majority of you so kindly do). Remember any additional moneys donated qualify as a tax-deduction, so if you desire proof of such, you may also enclose a separate check made out to the charity (The March Madness Endowment Fund or , United Methodist Youth Home, or Gildaʼs Club). I will forward the check (as is) with the rest of the donations. Otherwise, simply make out your check to me, and Mail all checks and additional donations to:

John P. Morgan, MD 

PO Box 1136 

Newburgh, IN 47629

The remainder of the pool will be distributed to the winners as follows:

1st --- 40%

2nd --- 20%

3rd --- 10%

4th --- 7%

5th --- 5%

6th --- 4%

7th --- 3%

8th --- 3%

9th --- 2%

10th --- 2%

Last Place --- 4%

$ 100 bonus for the place finish of the total score of the championship game
(Final score Gonzaga 82 Kentucky 79 means 161st place takes home $ 100. Ties split) You donʼt need to pick a final score, it will just happen!

Also: Bonus award again for 2015. (Judges discretion and no disputes!)
$ 100 bonus for the GOAT. He (or she) who has the worst bracket who actually tried to win, not 
tried to come in last place). Your name will be in lights!

The website has been updated. (Annual thanks goes to Gary Gurtcheff, our webmaster.) Additionally, we will maintain an index page for you to review rules, interim letters, charity information, periodic updates, and other items of interest, in addition to the standings. We hope you will take the time to peruse the site. Please especially review our charity page.

2015 Charity Information

Eighteen years behind us, thousands of dollars to charity, and our recent endowed fund which has a value currently over $ 47,000. Through this fund, we are able to make small cash contributions to local endeavors in need. This year, in addition to the March Madness Endowment Fund, we will be making two additional contributions. These two charities are:

United Methodist Youth Home and Gilda’s ClubA yet to be determined amount of money will be given directly to these two organizations.

United Methodist Youth Home

Since 1979, the United Methodist Youth Home has been working tirelessly towards our mission of "helping at-risk youth become responsible and productive members of the community."

We help abused, troubled, and neglected young men and women who are referred to us by caseworkers and probation officers from throughout the state of Indiana. We provide assistance to youth that might be overlooked or even forgotten without our services. We are always open, ready to welcome them, offer treatment and prepare them for a fresh start in life.
Visit the website and learn more: www.UMYH.com

Gilda’s Club of Evansville

The mission of Gildaʼs Club is to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community. Gildaʼs Club provides a place where anyone touched by cancer can laugh, cry, confront fears, share triumphs, and learn how to LIVE with cancer. It is a place where people find strength, comfort and wisdom by sharing their experiences; a comfortable place to recognize and release the many emotions that go along with the cancer journey. When cancer happens, it happens to the whole family and its social network; membership is equal for the person with cancer, the family member and friend.

At Gildaʼs we recognize that social and emotional support is as essential as medical care when cancer is in the family. Beyond our Red Door you will be welcomed to our support community where we offer a variety of workshops, classes, groups, and activities in a nonresidential, homelike setting – all FREE of charge

Visit the website and learn more: www.GCEVV.ORG

Please read the RULES page carefully! Thanks again.
March Madness Charity Committee 

© Gary M. Gurtcheff 2013