2012 Final Update


“Kentucky Home at last”

Kansas rally falls short

UK 67 KU 59

Record Charity Money Raised AGAIN!!

Big Blue was destined from the start. Anything shy of a national championship would have

been a disappointment as they all had said. Team chemistry, a coach who deserves his due, youthful

zest, and a little bit of street ball, not to mention a multimillion dollar future team, many again destined for

the NBA after a brief coffee break in Lexington, propelled the Wildcats to the 2012 championship. The

game was typical for the Jayhawks. Down throughout, and a late and fearless second half rally, their

modus throughout the tournament, unfortunately came to an unhappy conclusion for the Rock Chalk faithful.

Best way to watch the tournament games for a Kansas fan? Watch the first five or ten minutes, get

depressed, go to bed, read a book, and turn the game back on for the final few minutes, and you spare

yourself the agony and watch another thrilling Kansas comeback victory. Monday night was prototypical.

Unfortunately, the ending was forlorn. The X-factor was whether or not the youth of Kentucky could hold

on in the last few minutes of a close game, as they had rarely been tested. A few miscues by the

Jayhawks in the waning moments sealed the deal for Kentucky. Down 18, but cutting it to 5 in the final two

minutes, their fierce assault fell short this time. Congratulations to the Big Blue fans out there including,

Dr. V, Patty G., and oh yes, Bengal Dave. It all comes back to Bengal Dave, doesnʼt it? Weʼll hear

about it all year. Oh how we hate Kentucky, but what can you say?

Congratulations to Kim Casaburo, our 2012 March Madness Champion. Italy here

she comes, with spending money! First time she ever entered a basketball pool! She coasted to victory.

Runner up was Luke Swain. Early leader hangs tough down the stretch.

Amazing grace to John Heinrich, third place, incredibly picking the final four, the semis, and the

eventual winner. Unfortunate early round point losses could not propel him to the top.

Credit due also to Kevin Wagner, upseeding Sammy G, as the recent poolmaster award winner

for best prognosticator over the last few years. 7th place. And additionally, Ray Kixmiller who comes

off an 8th place finish last year to take 6th.

Last place gift was stolen by Todd Herrenbruck , taking 4% of the prize pool, but graciously

donating half back to the endowment fund.

Bridesmaid this year (11th place and out of the money) was Dan Bishop.

JC Smitty, our long range friend from the west coast and bright lights, starry nights of Beverly

Hills, California, came in 31st place. Sooner or later Smitty, the clipper ship will come in.

And finally, worst finish for those with legitimate picks (but not last place), Lee Wagmeister. Next

year weʼll have to have a consolation prize for that.

The Official Total paid pool entrees is 400. Your committee does their best to ensure integrity

to the prize pool and covers several unpaid, or yet to be paid entries at this the time of final accounting,

with additional personal donations to the two charities to more than compensate. Curses to the slackers,

whose “checks are in the mail”. Fortunately, our deadbeat list is small each year. Apologies to those of

you who had received “frequent reminders” by email. Prize winnings will be based on this number.

80% of the entry fees goes to the prize pool, in the breakdown as listed in the opening letter at the start

of the tournament. See the website for original details. WWW.GURTCHEFF.COM

We pay out the top ten and last place.

Charity News

20% of the original fees go to the charities in addition to the benevolent donations. This year we set a

record for number of additional donations. 128 rabid participants (and counting) have given

additional money, with over 75% of our charitable giving in the form of additional donations

to our endowed fund and charity.

We would like to again thank our top donors (not including your tournament

directors and webmaster) this year for their very generous additional contributions to

the March Madness tournament:

Lance & Stacy Payton     Sammy Garau         Bruce Baker     David Carlson

Steven Carter                   Todd Herrenbruck  Jack Cleary       Mike Cleary

Phi Gilson                         Les Bumm              Travis Farhar     Steve Gabel 

Dan Jones                         Tom Lilly                 Dee Sanders     Dale Todd 

Tom Waits                        Greg Willming         Jim Wilsbacher

Thanks also to the following additional participants for their charitable donations, whose checks came in late

and were not recognized in the previous update:

Tom Lilly         Jeff Worthington     Phil Coudret         Kevin Benovic     Karen Rush

Brian Tullar     Steve Anderson       Lance Hopewell  Deb North            Chris McConnell

Chris Storrs    Hazel Young            Michael Lightner Ross Whitacre

128 participants contributed extra donations to the charities this year., above their entry request. This is an

all time number of additional donors! Thank you.

Special thanks as well to your webmaster extraordinaire, Gary Gurtcheff, for his technical expertise, and

large personal contribution to the charities!

...... $ 1600 was garnished from the entry fees to devote to our charitable

endeavors. $ 6400 goes to the prize pool. Thanks to your outstanding generosity... over $ 6000 has

been received in additional donations.

For March Madness 2012...... Our GRAND TOTAL of CHARITABLE GIVING is:

.................. $ 7700 to be donated this year. Another record! Thank you all for participating.

$ 5500 will be granted to the March Madness Endowment Fund administered through the Warrick

County Community Foundation.

$ 2200 will go to Helping Hands of Warrick County as a one time additional donation.

We have now completed our sixteenth year of March Madness. Over the years, we have

generated over $64,000 in total giving. With this yearʼs donation, our endowment fund will stand at

over $25,000. Should you so desire sometime this year, drop us a line or perhaps consider our funds

for your future gifting. I would like to emphasize the latter. It is important we build our fund, which is

permanent. For better, for life! We have made two small grants in the past two years from investments

(the principal does not decline in the fund) to the Ecumenical Soup Kitchen of St. Clement, and Camp


Please keep us advised of any email changes. Email your comments and parting remarks...


Winnersʼ checks will be sent out by mail within the next couple of weeks. Charity proceeds will also be

forwarded this month. Be advised your checks have not yet been cashed. Too much to do, but alas it is

almost over.


Congratulations to our top ten finishers.


2012 Top Ten Winnings

1st place Kim Casaburo $ 2560 00

(Louisville, KY)

2nd place Luke Swain $ 1280 00

(Shelbyville, KY)

3rd place John Heinrich $ 640 00

(Dallas, TX)

4th place Julie Gurtcheff $ 448 00

(Newburgh, IN)

5th place Chad Oswald $ 320 00

(Indianapolis, IN)

6th place Ray Kixmiller $ 256 00

(Newburgh, IN)

7th place Steve Gabel $ 192 00

(Memphis, TN)

8th place Kevin Wagner $ 192 00

(Arlington, VA)

9th place Chris Tilley $ 128 00

(Washington, DC)

Tie Tom Rose $ 128 00

(Saint Joseph, MI)

LAST PLACE Todd Herrenbruck $ 256 00

(Overland Park, KS)

400 Paid Entrees

“Courage comes from fighting the battle against the odds...the quiet

voice at the end of the day, saying...I will try again tomorrow. Have the

courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what

you truly want to become.”

© Gary M. Gurtcheff 2013