2014 Update II

March Madness Update II

March 30, 2013

Interim Report 

Florida grounds the Dayton Flyers

Wisconsin holds off Arizona 

It was an exciting Saturday. The mighty Flyers of Dayton, while gamely dispatchingfavorite seeds in 3 earlier contests, were out of jet fuel as the Gators conditioning, balancedattack, and discipline took out the aviators, 62-52 in fourth round action. It was a great run. Gobble in Memphis. Hope you made the game.

In the nightcap, what a barn burner. Wisconsin help off the Wildcats of Arizona in an instant classic and major thriller, 64-63. A five minute delay with but a couple seconds left, on a replay review, gave Arizona the ball and a chance to win, but a final shot fell wide andmissed the buzzer to beat, as Bucky and his band of Badgers celebrated there first finalfour in oh some time!. 

What today for Michigan and Michigan State to seal the deal for the Big Ten??? 

Charity Update 

Our March Madness Endowment Fund, Patchwork Central and The Covenant House are our beneficiaries this year. I would like to thank all of you to datewho have donated extra money to help the cause. We will recognize those of you who have donated extra but each year the money keeps coming in, so y’all with have to wait and there is still time to get on the list. Please consider an extra donation if you haven.t already done so. Please make additional checks payable to one of the charities, or to me forthat matter and I will forward the donation if its easier. And for those of you for whom I haveyet to receive your entry donation (you know whom you are), don.t be a slacker! 

Tournament Recap 

The numbers still are unofficial, but things are looking good. Thanks to most all of you foryour rapid influx of mail and donations. More to follow. 

Phil Gilson leads the field. Banking on the Big Ten, wise move, Phil maintains ALL final four picks as of this morning. Made a big move with his dog in trail.

Look for a major shakeup on the leaderboard soon. Down the stretch and most all but the frontrunner runs out of gas. Winded, shaken, not hardly bacon. The best conferencein the land will shine, and the leader will win by a 17 lengths. Goin. home with a sack full! 

Current Leader board as of Sunday 3/30 AM 

1st Badger Phil (Bucky and the Cheeseheads. Go Big Ten) 

2nd Patty Gowdy (Had we ONLY picked Kentucky. Never turn from those that matter) 

3rd Bryan Crislip (Treasure this. It won.t last!) 

4th Greg Meyer (2001 champion still in the mix)

Brandon Crane (Banks on the Spartans) 

6th Dennis Dewey (Gator bait for Big Ten fodder)

Chris Jesop (Not much left in the tank) 

8th Ken Graves (Nice push. Probable cash money) 

9th Scarlet Begonias (And the little dog too!) 

10th Susan Sublett (Say what? Are you serious?. Foundation czar in the top ten) 

Bridesmaid Les Bumm (Generous and Kentucky) 

“When the Power of Love Overcomes the Love of Power The World will know Peace.” 

-Jimi Hendrix 

in lieu of the Grateful Dead 

© Gary M. Gurtcheff 2013