2012 Update II

March Madness Update II

March 26, 2012

Kentucky vs. Louisville

The Ohio State University vs. Kansas

    Can anybody stop Big Blue?  Kentucky dismantles Baylor.  Dominant.  No better word.  So bad, tears flowed over the promise and demise of the Baylor Bears. Yes, there would have been some serious additional charity money coming our way, as this was the year to let it out, and win the pool.   Not to chastise, but who really likes Kentucky?  Y’all from down home just need to take one step back, and check with your cousin Billy Bodeen and find out why they call it toothpaste and not teethpaste. The hoop lords were smiling when the other dreaded team in blue went down early, Duke.  Such is not the case.  Kentucky is unstoppable.  Of course, there was always UNLV in 1991, Georgetown in 1985, and the Houston Dream Team of 1983, who all went down to defeat in the championship game.  So I guess we never know, do we?

    Louisville, a program more akin to college basketball, and not the NBA, made a remarkable late second half run to dispatch the understudy, and shake the Florida oranges off the tree.  UL-UK matchup in the semis.  Pitino vs. Calipari from the Blue Grass State.  Can the fourth seeded Cardinals overcome the mighty top ranked team in the nation?

    In the Midwest regional, before a partisan St. Louis crowd, the Kansas Jayhawks return silently to the Final Four, eliminating #1 seed North Carolina in workmen like fashion.

    And in the East, The Ohio State University holds off Syracuse, in the longest last minute in basketball history, at least for those used to OSU defeats in big games, to claim its rightful place in the French Quarter city.  OSU-Kansas in the other semi.  Fitting.

Charity Update

    Over 110 people have contributed extra cash to our March Madness Endowment Fund and to assist the community minded folks at Helping Hands of Warrick County.  We are still getting checks in to benefit our charitable works, and remember, it’s not too late to send in some extra coin if you think this pool is something you truly enjoy. We are in for a banner year with charitable donations.  I believe we are on course to surpass last year in total dollars raised thanks to your gracious benevolence.  The March Madness Endowment Fund will continue to grow, and the charitable works of the fine volunteers at Helping Hands of Warrick County will be appreciative.  To date if you throw out family members and multiple entries, probably about 50% of you gave a little extra, and in some cases, a lot extra.  Much thanks and it makes us excited to continue the process. Thanks to the following individuals who contributed extra to the cause.  

Lance & Stacy Payton        Gary Gurtcheff    Sam Garau        Bruce Baker

David Carlson                     Steve Carter        Jack Cleary        Mile Cleary            Phil Gilson        Les Bumm        Travis Farhar                        Steve Gabel        Dan Jones          Dee Sanders         Dale Todd        Tom Waits            Greg Willming                      Jim Wilsbacher

Amber Anslinger    Brandon Anslinger    Don Apple    Drew Bender   CJ Barnard

Amy Berkley    Keith Bersch        Dan Bishop    Ron Bonger    Joel Bowers

Keith Bratton        Randy Braun        Sean Bremmer    Jill Brinkley    Dan Brown

Gary Covey        Ashley Dame    Vince Daniels      Mike Davenport    

Lois Davidson    Patty Dewey    Tim Eisenhut        Steve Elliott

Karen Embry    Susanne Emge    Sam Forrest        Bruce Fowler

Randy Folz        Brian Goffinet    Kenny Graves    Sharon Gray

Jim Hall        Jim Heinrich        Todd Herrenbruck    Terry Iafrate

Glenn Johnson    Dorothy Kaiser    Paul Kainrath        John Lamb

Michelle Laswell    Jacob Lesandrini    Dave Machisko    Ken Marshall

Colleen Martin    Tim Marx        Bengal Dave    Chris Maynard

John McCartney    Jim McDaniel    Judy McDonald    Greg Meyer

Jon Miles        Eric Miller        Keith Miller        Alan Newman

Jim Norris        Skip Oliver        Bill Papineau        Jim Pearson

Paul Perry        Donna Preziotti    Vince Prop        Mike Pyfferoen

John Radtke        Larry Renschler    Troy Reynolds    Paul Rohde

Tom Rose        Jim Sandren        Eric Throop        Ron Tucker

Mark Vickers        Lee Wagmeister    Steve Ward        Steve Warren

Rob  Wathen    Brian Wellman    Pat Wempe        Rick Wepsic

John Willis        Brett Worthington    Rick Zeiher        Kevin Kalb

Chris Casaburo    Billy Blake

Don’t forget to review our Charity History on the intro page.  Over $ 60,000 will now have been raised by this little basketball pool!

Tournament Recap

The numbers to date are unofficial,  Currently over 400 entries were submitted. We finalize things by paid entrees, and a little generosity on the behalf of Mr. Gurtcheff and myself, but if you in arrears, please forward your entry donations at once. It feels good to get off the deadbeat list ‘ya know? 

      Congratulations to all of you still in contention come tournament end. Lots of female participants in contention, clamoring for their name in lights and hoopness glory.  6 of 10 going into the final four!  Unprecedented.  Is this a fillies only race?  I believe it is at this point.  Watch out for Peachy Girl and Miss Mia.  Check the “what if” scenarios on the drop down menu on the standings page to fascinate yourselves as to who wins depending on final four finishing scenarios, as well as the “possibilities” to see what percentage chance you still have to be in the money.

    Congratulations to Todd Herrenbruck, our loser of record.  4% goes your way.  Unfortunately, the Endowment Fund Entry came in second to last:(  Todd however has graciously volunteered to donate half the winnings to charity.  Thanks Todd!!

    Glory be.  There are two participants who chose all four teams in the final four.  Hats go off to John Heinrich,... and Kim Casaburo, aka, Mrs. Burro, who is blowing away the field at present.  It is a rare thing except in chalk years, to pick all four teams in the final dance.  By the way, had you chosen straight favorite picks for every game in the tournament to date. you would be in something like 254th place.  Not good.  Upset City rules, right Mr. Bratton? and your sponsored 13 year old next coming of Michael Jordan.  15th place pal.  Very nice showing.


    Current Leader Board after Round 4

1st    Kim Casaburo (Ahead by a mile.  But can’t lose has been said before.  Not bad for her first ever pool entry, and no help from the Cash Cabbie.)

2nd    Luke Swain (JD candidate, UK law...Down home.  Lots of relatives that all seem related in mysterious and mischievous ways.  It all comes back to Bengal Dave somehow)

    Devin Oliver (Best shot for Buckeye faithful.  You gotta believe)

4th    Jessica Louthan (Indiana U girl with little gas in the tank.  No plug ins for the Colt)

    Tom Rose (Michigander who hoped for Buckeye-Wolverine final.  Faithful, loyal, and honest. Had to take Kentucky though, yet not far enough?)

    Kevin Wagner (Criminal to think you can only place.  I’d say go Kansas, but that would be blasphemous this year in the next game for a Buckeye grad)

7th    Helen Shymanski (Blue Devil your doomed)

8th    Tom Berkley (3 of 4 in final dance and Buckeyes to win!  Avery good performance)

9th    Diane Supper (Hope Bill was no influence???.  It was close for you!)

10th     Lynne Morgan (Kansas Queen got NO help.  Bragging rights hinge on next game)         


             “Anything can be accomplished with unlimited enthusiasm”

                    On to New Orleans!!!!!

                    Your Tournament committee

© Gary M. Gurtcheff 2013