2019 Final Update

 March Madness          Final Update

April 14, 2019

“Yes Virginia, There        is a Santa Claus” 

Arguably the best NCAA Elite Eight, Final Four, Semifinals, and Final Game combined in the history of the tournament came to a thrilling conclusion last Monday night.  Annual drama, unlikely finishes, controversy, more controversy, overtime, and more overtime!  History was made on many fronts.  CSI was even called in to review fingertip evidence from a hundred angles to overturn Texas Tech’s last chance to win the title.  That was after Columbo himself could not decide.  And “One more thing”, Virginia never looked back, and championed free throws to pull away in overtime 85-77.  That’s 162 points.  5 way tie gets some of you 20.  After an ignominious loss for the first time ever to a #16 seed (UMBC) last year,  the Cavaliers were granted three wishes.  Three miracles occurred.  First over Purdue, then over Auburn after the Tiger celebration began, and finally against the Red Raiders.  

All instant classics.  

Kyle Guy, Mr. Indiana basketball, did it again, calm, cool, and collected and was named the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player.  Born on August 11, 1997, same day, but three years later than this year’s tournament champion!!!

Congratulations to our 2019 March Madness Champion………….


~ Kelly Morgan

Born in Texas, and for no other reason, Kelly rode the Red Raiders to the final game, but didn't think they could actually win it all so she chose Virginia to fill the void. Kelly is an Indiana University graduate from two years ago and currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.  She works for BreakThru Beverage and handles all the accounts around Wrigley Field. Interestingly on the day of the finals, Kelly was at the Cubs home Opening Day (working of course) with the March Madness Championship on the line.  Tom Waits, aka Ryne Sandberg, conceded that evening and took home third place. .Kelly played high school golf with Tom’s daughter-in-law Katie and credits her help on the course. Kelly will be back in town Thursday to collect her winnings and accept congratulations. Daddy’s ‘Lil Darling. Now she can add A+ Basketball Prognosticator to her resume.  Way to go Sugarpop!!

This year was a family affair on the leaderboard.  Thanks goes out to Jill Tullar Carpenter, executive director of the Community Foundation Alliance (administers our March Madness fund).  Jill’s son Alex took second place, husband Jon took seventh place, and Jill shared in 162nd.  Keith Bratton negotiated tenth place and his son Austin stormed to fifth place.  

And she who would be first shall not be last, but dad was:-)  

Tournament Recap 

Apologies for the delay.  Accounting took awhile, and we have finally settled in on an official 519 entries this year, which includes our personal donation to cover ALL of the unpaid slackers. More this year than most unfortunately, but no matter.  However we still want your money. So send it in. Or Venmo/jpmorganmd. 

Another record number of entries this year, and we thank you all for participating.  5 of our top ten had Texas Tech in the finals. 8 had Virginia to win the game. No one had all four teams in the final four The order of finish and everything else can be perused on the website, www.garygurtcheff.com  Special thanks as always to our super webmaster who makes this all work!  And makes the endeavor worthwhile!

Charity Information

Special thanks to all the March Madness participants who have donated $ 8005 additional dollars to charity.  See list below! $2595 also comes from the pool itself.  130 individuals have sent in extra money and thanks to everyone involved, we have raised a grand total of $10,600 this year to distribute to the following organizations and our endowment fund, in the amounts listed.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  This is a new record for total money raised for charity.


Evansville Rescue Mission: $ 2000

Tri-State Food Bank Back Pack Program for Kids $ 2000

Ark Crisis Child Care Center Fairy Tale Ball: $ 600

March Madness Endowment Fund: $ 6000 ($ 9000 with matching funds)

An additional $3000 will be given thanks to matching funds from the Eli Lilly Endowment for every dollar the March Madness Endowment Fund brings in.  This will raise the Grand Total of charitable donations for 2019 to $13,600.  Thank you so very much!!

Cheers to our additional donors. We have now surpassed 55% of all March Madness participants/families donating additional dollars to the charities. Special thanks to:

Gary Bellew     Ron Bonger     Keith Bratton

Dan Brown     Jack Cleary        Mike Cleary

Jon Coleman     Chris Combs     Lois Davidson

Patty Dewey     Scott Elliott        Mark Erickson

Travis Farhar     Brad Fulkerson    Sam Garau

AJ Gauthier       Phil Gilson          Scott Gowdy

Gary Gurtcheff    Jim Hall             Kevin Kalb

Clint Keown       Brian Kwon         Julie Leaf

Colleen Martin     Eric Miller          Sara Miller

Christy Mills      Alan Newman     Lance Payton

Stacy Payton      Paul Perry         Larry Renschler

Tom Rose          Karen Rush         Keith Shipman

Tom Slade         Joe Smith            Tony Stephens

Fred Stutz          Dale Todd           Mark Vickers

Tom Waits          Rob Wathen       Pat Wempe

Rick Wepsic      John Willis          Greg Willming

Additional thanks to:

Ervin Aeschliman      Amber Anslinger      Mike Arco      Brooke Barkley

Don Barry                 Tom Berkley Sr         Drew Bender       Dan Bishop

Michael Blake           Joel Bowers              Mike Brown         David Carlson

Jill Carpenter            Tom Carpenter           Craig Carter       Paul Catterson

Roger Colman           Brian Cooper             Gary Delk          Aaron Deloof

Mariellen Dentino      Andre Dugas             Steve Elliott       Melanie Emge

Ryan Fears                Rick Friedman          Steve Gilliam       Brian Goffinet

Corey Greening         Kevin Ham                Jim Hauser          Shane Headlee

Jim Heinrich              Wayne Hentrup          Todd Herrenbruck

Brandon Iafrate         Terry Iafrate                Chris Jesop         Jason Jones

Steve Jones               Rob Kadela                Paul Kainrath       Ray Kixmiller

John Lamb                Doug Lane                 Michael Lightner

Dave Machismo         Steve Mank               Ken Marshall        Dee Massengale

Fred McCool             Jim McDaniel             Judy McDonald   Greg Meyer

John Miles                Keith Miller                 Dana Mills            Ann Morgan

Lynne Morgan            Patrick Morgan           Ryan Morgan       Michael O’Connor

Skip Oliver                Bill Papineau               Donna Preziosi     Mike Pyferroen

Jason Robbins           TJ Schick                   Jake Schiff            Kevin Shinar

Mert Shipman           Joe C Smith                 Bill Vukovich

Lee Wagmeister        Steve Ward                 Tom Weber           Kevin Wetzler

Melissa Wideman      Duane Williams           Lebra Winiger       Danny Winn

Jake Wojkovich          Ryan Wolfe

My apologies if I have missed anyone who has contributed additional dollars.

Final Standings and March Madness Winners 2019

1st-Kelly Morgan     Chicago, IL                 $ 3114

2nd-  Alex Tullar      Indianapolis, IN          $ 1557

3rd-  Tom Waits       Newburgh, IN             $  779

4th-  Gary Bellew     Newburgh, IN             $  545

5th-  Austin Bratton Jacksonville, FL        $  390

6th-  Chris Tilley      Walkersville, MD        $  312

7th-  Casey Keown  Evansville, IN             $  234

    Tie- Jon Carpenter Newburgh, IN            $  234

9th-  Stephen Weber  Evansville, IN            $  156

10th- Keith Bratton    Evansville, IN             $  156

Last Place-  Yours Truly  Newburgh, IN      $  312

Goat-  Dan Brown    Evansville, IN              $  100

162nd Place- (5 way tie): Tim Dant, Ty Watkins, Keith Miller, Jill Carpenter and Lana McConnell (again)$ 20 a piece 

Bridesmaid-Casey Eaton $0 No Money. At least your name is in lights!

2nd Bridesmaid-Brian Cooper. Shout out to the other commish!

3rd Bridesmaid-Rick Friedman.  A good run!

And Tiger Woods won the Masters today!

~Read the book.  Follow the directions.  History repeats itself.  But every now and then, YOU will make history

~ Rest in peace Terry Friedman, Patty Gowdy, Mark LeMond, and Stevie Gabel

See the rest of you in 2020 for our 24th year God willing

© Gary M. Gurtcheff 2013