2016 Update I

March Madness 2016 Update I

March 22, 2016

What Could Have Been
First Round Upsets lead to Same old, same old

This may have been the most wild and interesting first four days of March Madness in history. No reason to recant the past. See your previous emails, assuming you actually read them. We are down to the final 16. The ACC dominates with a record of 12-1, followed by the Big Ten with 3 teams left in the remaining field (despite comments by Dr. Phil). What is jacked and a shame is the gaul of the selection committee and their nefarious seedings. Advantage big money, big tendencies, big old school? Yes, and regardless, maybe some of the most exciting finishes ever. I am still shocked, saddened, and aghast, at the forgettable for the case of sanity, finish to the Northern Iowa game vs.Texas A&M. Never in the history of college basketball, any game, anywhere, has a team blown a 12 point lead with 45 seconds to go, let alone a 9 point lead with 30 seconds left. Stephen F. Austn as well. Game over. Not. All we have left after major parity and respect for the little guys is one #11 seed, Gonzaga, and a joke at that. Best game of all from a true competetive standpoint with viewer interest was Indiana vs. Kentucky. A true matchup that was destined in years prior to a later date. But now, for commentary on those fortunate teams left. Pac-12 is the worst of all. 7 teams? 6 are out. Shocking that not one of these losers was less than a #8 seed. All favorites. All losers.

Kansas: Consensus #1 and most played team to win it all. Yes, they are a great team, but with trouble winning it all. With other big names out, many of you are hopeful, but is it going to happen? Track record says no. Enjoy your stay.

Maryland: Big Ten hopeful this year with less than a dominant season. Overrated but with talent. Expect Jayhawk win to end the Terps season

Miami: Lucky win against Wichita State, but the Shockers were a great band of hardworking, and fundamentally sound group of players. Miami is starting to play to their potential. Expect another unusual finish.

Villanova: Stoked a good Iowa team. Under the radar great team that nobody can name a player. Beats Miami and moves on.

Oregon: Lone Pac-12 team left. Conference BS-ingly overated. All losers. If it werenʼt for their uniforms and the money, not a chance. Nevertheless one of the best team left. Will likely take down Duke in a close game.

Duke: Weasle has his team awakened from their less than stellar season. On a roll and back where they belong. Do you know that Ted Cruz plays for Duke? He is their best player. Google photos of Grayson Allen. You may be amazed. Check it out. The resemblance is uncanny. May be the best game of the sweet sixteen.

Texas A&M: Sleeper team to win it all. Shocking win against Northern Iowa. Shows character. But has to get by Oklahoma. Another great game upcoming.

Oklahoma: Are we for real? A win against Texas A&M may prove that. Buddy is the best player in America. Expect Oklahoma to move on.

North Carolina: Men against boys. Take it to the bank. Unfortunately they are in the bracket with the great teams. Tough fight against Indiana upcoming.

Indiana: The game we all wanted to see a few rounds from now. Gritty toughness on the side of the Hoosiers, allowed a major takedown in the border war with Kentucky.Fire Tom Crean? Not just yet.

Notre Dame: Never, ever should have won that game. But God is on ther side I suppose, despite the fact that some would say “There is no Godʼ. Right Stevie G?

Stephen F Austin deserved the win. Great showing for the little guy. More talent. Less size. Notre Dame is an underachieving team that got lucky. Fortunately for them, they play Wisconsin, an overachieving squad whom the Big Ten should be proud of. Toss up game.

Wisonsin: As above. Done the Big Ten proud. Maybe itʼs the Final Four experience from a better team last year.

Virginia: Name me the players. Big Dog team. Expect Big Dog results. Take it to the bank.

Iowa St: Major overachiever and unknown quantity to repeat the track record of the NCAA. Could be your major surprise to the Final Four. I doubt they take out Viginia, but take the points??

Gonzaga: An 11 seed. The sole one left. Underrated. Tournament experience. Beautiful place to play basketball. Just NOT that good, but good enough. Took down a good team in Utah.

Syracuse: Written off. Should not have even made the tournament. But year after year, like the Zags, continue to impress, This game could go either way.

**In general, any predictions I make publicly, despite knowlege and good foresight, are generally wrong. Donʼt listen to a word I say!!

Players in the News

Corey G. Hammer Greeining and T Berkley have two picks in the top 15. Lance Payton in 20th place. And JC Smitty in range. Loyal March Madness supporters.. Ron Eaton with hapless picks, holds down last, but expect your webmaster to triumph. Usually over by now.

Second Round Leaders

1st Kurt Tillman 10 point leader to date. All unofficial of course. Eyes are wondering if the optimist will prevail. Canʼt you see? Ohhh, Canʼt yout see?
2nd Chris Jesop United EVV we stand. Bail out General Motors. Hey now, will you be able to afford your own tab next year? Hapless brother is a good friend.

3rd Rick Martin Rickʼs picks have put him in the top 1%. Case law suggests money on the horizon. May be delayed however. Judicial system at work.
4th Jeffrey Huelson Consensus best choice on the board. Where oh where did I come from. Why Iʼm a Kansas man myself

5th Christopher Head My oh my. Thanks for the hospitality, and we will see you at the bank. You are a good man
6th Brandon Boots Irish eyes are smiling. But you are living on house money and borrowed time

7th Bill Papineau The wild man is worth the screening check. However statistically speaking, bank on ObamaCare to pay your bills
8th Terry Roudenbush Too bad Sparty is out. It was a good run, and perhaps it wonʼt be over soon for you
9th Ryan Fears Do Right and Fear No Man. Banking on odds and a gamblerʼs will. But at last we must pay the piper. South Beach weather must be nice this time of year
10th Lana McConnell Pray for Indiana. You will know soon. You deserve the attention and so glad you have your name in lights
Bridesmaid Chris McConnell Son of a son of a great lady. Don beat your mother

Charity Update

Our March Madness Endowment Fund is benefitting from your generosity. I am so excited about the 2:1 match from the great state of Indianaʼs own, Eli Lilly Foundation. Not too late to send your check. Our other named charities will obviously benefit as well. See the intro letter for more information on our named charities this year. We thank you.

Pool and Statistical Information
Unofficially, we have 473 entries (weirdly again). Internal auditing will allow for a final

number come the end of the tournament. It all depends on who mooches off the rest of

you Each year, this gets better. Check the website for current updates. When you click on the standings page, you can easily scroll through to find your position, and everyoneʼs picks, with brackets displayed, by clicking on the top row. Also go to the drop down menu to see the current tournament bracket, and other options.

Best of luck in the remainder of the tournament and again thank you for participating.

If you have not mailed your entry donation and extra contributions, please do so immediately! Remit to:

John P. Morgan, MD
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Editorʼs Comments

1) Pay Pal: An interesting option which costs us a bit in lost revenue. The jury is still out, but on the positive side, it allows an easy opportunity for you all to pony up, as well as to consider future donations to our fund. I must however apologize for the confusion. Unfortunately, it took time to read through everything, as highly encouraged, and some of you were dismayed. Our hands were a bit tied with this. Should we decide to proceed in the future with this option, it will be tweeked. Thank you for your patience and understanding with this matter. Free entry to cardiology.

2) EMails: As is the usual case, year after year, several of you who have successfully entered the pool either gave an erroneous email address, or for whatever reason, our emails to you have been rejected. That is unfortunate for you and simply causes more work on our part. We send out emails in addition to the formal “update” letters on the website, and therfore, if you have NOT received any emails in the last week or so, your email address is not working. Please forward an updated email tojpmorganmd@mac.com We hate for you to miss out on the fun.

3) The World is NOT ending. Relax. Welcome to the world of subtle innuendos and polite sarcasm. Do not be offended and please remember, this is a CHARITY pool. It is difficult to please every one of you. But we do appreciate your questions and comments. Sometimes I wonder if any of you even read this all. But that is usually why the questions come to us. If you appreciate this pool, and what all of us do, then please, read everything, and understand. It is just a basketball pool, fun to participate in, and raising money for children and the less fortunate. You get a chance to see your name in lights, and take no offense, I promise you, the people who year in and year out, who enter this pool, are the kind of people who will go to bat for YOU. Especially to the new people, I encourage

you to take the time to read all about it. Look at the tabs. Look at the history. This format, and what we ALL have done to raise charity money off a silly little basketball pool is beyond compare. It is the BEST format out there, And this whole deal, is but a minor blip in the atmosphere of life. But can your imagine? The ability to raise $100,000 over many years due to initiative and your generosity, without governmental regulation, taxes, or intrusion. We thank you. Take a passion of any nature. Find your way. If you do, our country will alway be just fine. Kudos to our committee. March 22nd. What a great day:)

Respectfully, and after 20 years, Your Humble Frontman.

“ No Tango” 

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