2014 Update III

March Madness Update III

April 5, 2014 

Connecticut vs. Florida 

Kentucky vs. Wisconsin 

Our last weekend is upon us and what a tournament it has been. So sorry to all ourfriends from the state up north as both the Wolverines and the Spartans went downdespite their favored status. Pools were turned upside down as predicted, just not in that fashion! Who would have thought Wisconsin would carry the Big Ten banner to the final four today? Oh we had dreams of a 3 out of 4 Big Ten finals. Once again, the dreaded SEC steals the show. And where were all you Kentucky fans at the start of the tournament? Calling for Calipari’s head? Y’all fell off the bandwagon mighty fast. Not too many seats left on board. Always next year I guess to dye your sweaters blue again. Atleast a few of our March Madness participants have remained faithful to the Wildcat cause. And what about Michael O’Connor? From 209th place to 25th and the only, I repeat, only participant to bank on UConn not only to win it all but even the final four. Congratulations “team”, whomever the team consists of. What a finish it will be with a husky victory today. Florida maintains its favored nation status and deservingly number one, number one seed. Gators only lost two this year. But to guess whom? Connecticut and Wisconsin. How fitting to avenge both losses if luck will have it in the final four. 

Charity Update 

Our March Madness Endowment FundCovenant House, and Patchwork Central are our charitable endeavors this year. I may throw in something for Kuddles for Kids. Google it. Pretty neat what the young girl scouts are doing for kids having surgery. 

Patchwork Central 

Patchwork Central began in 1977 as a faith based neighborhood outreach organization for an inner city neighborhood in need. Today, Patchwork Central continues its outreach to Evansville area neighborhoods with a food pantry and many unique children's programs.As part of the community fabric, Patchwork Central changes the lives of those it serves by giving them a sense of hope, a place of acceptance, and a bright outlook for the future. Since its founding, Patchwork has worked to serve its neighborhood through flexible and innovative programming that matches the talents and interests of those involved to the needs of our community. Today,Patchwork serves individuals and families with a food pantry (since 1982), neighborhood hospitality (a cup of coffee, telephone usage, someone to listen,etc.), a community garden (createdin1995), low rent facilities for other community organizations, an artists’ teaching studio and cooperative gallery, a bicycle program for the homeless, and unique art/education programs (Arts& Smarts) that have been available free of charge to at risk children and youth since 1980. In a single year, approximately 5000 people come through our doors to receive services directly from Patchwork. Many additional people attended special events, meetings, workdays, arts events,and Patchwork celebrations. Additional people visited with the other organizations that use space in our buildings. As part of the community fabric, Patchwork Central changes the lives of those it serves by giving them a sense of hope, a place of acceptance, and a bright outlook for the future. Please take the time to learn more about this organization by visiting their website. 


Covenant House 

Covenant House is vision is to help homeless kids. Covenant House doesn’t forget about all the kids who are no longer here because no one cared. They have the right to a home; the right to food; the right to guidance and an education; the right to be free from sexual, emotional, or physical abuse; and the right to be free from exploitation.These kids have the right to be safe and, most important, to be loved. Homeless kids come to Covenant House in crisis. Immediately and without question, we meet their basic human needs; a nourishing meal, a shower, clean clothes, medical attention, and a safe place away from the dangers of the street. Covenant House protects the children from the perils of the street and offers that important sense of security. Covenant House is dedicated to serving all God's children with absolute respect and unconditional love… to help suffering homeless kids… and to protect and safeguard all children in need. Learn more about this worthwhile organization, in several locations about theUS,  by visiting their website. 


Tournament Recap 

The numbers still are unofficial. Slackers need to be responsible. The accounting is a workin progress. Thanks to you who have followed instructions. 144 checks deposited thismorning. I am awaiting some more. Charity checks will be distributed later this month, so ifyou wrote a directed check, I still have it. Numbers for charity dollars raised so far look good.Not a record, but $ 7000 or so is awesome nonetheless. You will all be recognized in thefinal update. Greg Meyer leads the field. The tournament champion possibilities are listed. 

Go to www.garygurtcheff.com It is still a wide open race but tonight’s games shall decide the likely champion.

How exciting it still is!! 

Current Leader board after Round 4 

1st Greg Meyer (Slow rise in tide signals Gator bite)

2nd Susan Sublett (It was nice to see your name on the leader board. Bye Bye!)

3rd Les Bumm (Bummer for you if KY wins and you left Florida out of the mix)

4th Craig Carter (Leading candidate for rookie of the year. Odds on favorite)

5th Susanna Burkhead (The most generous one of all)

6th Phil Gilson (Wisconsin cheese for all if Badgers win)

John Anoskey (Blue win and in the money)

8th Susanna Burkhead (Charity Queen deserves it. Hard to be in the top ten twice)

9th Patty Gowdy (I still can’t believe you let Pitino trump your 'cats!) 

10th Dee Sanders (Even Bengal Dave would be proud) 

Bryan Crislip (Good show, might hang on to cash) 

The final four awaits in Texas!!! 

“Front Page Obituary wasn.t meant to be a premonition.

Mark, you will be missed.” 

© Gary M. Gurtcheff 2013